Dice Goblin Games

I’m really, really excited to announce that I’m working on a first full TTRPG module under the flag of Dice Goblin Games.

My adventures into RPG systems other than D&D 5e made me fall in love with Mothership. As I started working on a campaign for my players, I noticed that centralized hexcrawl rules and tools specific for Mothership seem to be missing. My goal is to offer a complete ruleset for exciting hexcrawls on the lost planet of Madus 4868.


You’ve crash-landed on Madus 4868, a forgotten planet near a large black hole. Due to the black hole’s pull, many people have been marauded here over the ages.


Madus 4868 is a toxic wasteland. You’ll have to fight against multiple factions to secure oxygen, water and food.


This planet has a history of curious folk stranding on it going back centuries if not longer. Its flora and fauna is unlike any other, and something hums and stirs in the bloodstained soil beneath your feet.


The people that end up on Madus 4868 tend to change due to their time there. That does not mean there is no one worth saving. Your key motto, however: save yourself.

Features & Contents

  • An easy-to-start premise to launch your own campaign.
  • Beautiful custom art to bring this insane setting to life.
  • Survival rules.
  • Terrain rules.
  • An encounter system for natural events, weird wildlife but most importantly factions which takes disposition and attention into account.
  • An innovative Omen/Scout/Warrior system to tease scary new encounters.
  • Strange environmental hazards and even stranger xenofauna.
  • Six factions ready to fight against, cooperate with, or play out against each other.
  • A huge d100 list of Weird Shit to discover.
  • A system for finding and salvaging valuable tech.
  • A whole slew of new items.
  • Vehicles with easy-to-use generation tables.
  • A toolbox on how to use all of this for your own settings, campaigns and hexcrawls.
  • A terrifying secret that might just be the cause of all that is wrong with this planet.

Most importantly, all of these systems are designed in such a way that they continuously tie into each other – creating an emergent sandbox with countless stories to tell.