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Celebrating The Launch: More Free Content for Block, Dodge, Parry

I’ll be honest – I had no idea if Block, Dodge, Parry would sell. Heck, I didn’t even do the project to sell, per se. To me, it was more about, “hey, I’ve been writing about RPG stuff for a while now, and some people seem to like it. It’d be really, really cool if I could make something that people would spare a few euros/dollars for – if only to say that, yes, my writing has some worth”.

Art by Bertdrawsstuff, who also did all the art for Block, Dodge, Parry!

It is for that reason that the reception and sales of BDP have absolutely blown me away.

Look at it go!

Now, while the revenue so far has been nothing to sneeze at, it mostly serves as a really cool motivator to keep working on this project (Also, the revenue might be quite nice – it turns out that after Itch fees and U.S. taxes, the actual payout is… way lower, but oh well).

Block, Dodge, Parry is a toolkit, and as such, I aim to keep expanding it. So far, I’ve released two pieces of bonus content:

Finding A Trainer

Skills are an important part of BDP, and with its focus on the natural flow of a living gameworld, organic stories, and foreground development, this means that trainers are important, too. The bonus supplement contains 2 1d20 tables on where you might find a trainer, and what they might require from you in order to provide training.


Duels can serve as a fun pastime – or a dramatic climax. The new dueling rules make surviving a duel a challenge for your mind, reflexes, and body.

Plans for the future

I want to keep working on Block, Dodge, Parry. I will keep releasing free bonus content (for smaller, bite-sized ideas), and possibly new chapters/appendices/updates to the main book (for larger ideas). The price of the base game will remain unchanged – so buying it now gets you more future content!

Thanks again for all who have supported BDP so far – it’s honestly been such a joy.

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