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Lightsabers, Blasters & The Force: Star Wars, But Make It Odd

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To celebrate the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi, here are some equipment rules I tinkered together for exploring a galaxy far, far way with the ruleset from Cairn/Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland!


Blaster Pistols

Blaster Rifles

Blaster Carbines

Blaster Cannons

Melee Weapons

Vibro Weapons


Lightsaber Duels

Here I would use the often-seen rock-paper-scissors mechanic, as expanded upon by Emmy Allen in Duels in OSR:

At the start of each round, however, both sides must choose their tactic for that round; either Push, Parry or Feint. Each chooses secretly and reveals simultaneously, like for ‘rock-paper-scissors’. Compare each fighter’s tactics, which will modify the rolls for the round.

Emmy Allen, Cavegirl’s Game Stuff

If both sides match in their choices, both sides are Impaired in their strikes. If one side beats the other, their attack is Enhanced while the other is Impaired.

Parry beats Push, as the parrying character turns away the obvious attacks of the push.
Push beats Feint, as the aggressive push forward batters through the attempts at finesse.
Feint beats Parry, as the feinting characters creates openings to strike past their enemy’s guard.

The Force

For the Force, I’d take the really cool spellcasting rules from Into The Dungeon: Revived.

Using the Force causes Damage equal to the Ability Level × 2 to the user, ignoring Armor. At 0 HP, this Damage targets WIL instead of STR: pass a WIL Save or fall unconscious for a few minutes.

These abilities are also adapted from Into the Dungeon:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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