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Time, Gear & Skill: A Different Approach To Skill Checks

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The following was written with Cairn in mind, but would work just as well for Into the Odd, Electric Bastionland and heck, D&D 5e if you’re doing a complete revamp.

Performing actions involves time, gear, and skill.

Environmental factors/opportunities might act as a substitute for gear or skill.

Example: Lockpicking

Lockpicking a door requires no roll if you are skilled at lockpicking, are not in a hurry and have lockpicking tools available.

Lockpicking a door might require a DEX Save if you’re in a hurry yet have the skills and tools, with the risk being not finishing the task in time. It could also involve a WIL Save if you have time and skill, yet no tools, with you trying to improvise your tools.

Lockpicking a door is impossible with only one of the three:

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