Block, Dodge, Parry – Version 1.23

I’ve been continuously working on Block, Dodge, Parry ever since it released – and version 1.23 is out today!

A short overview of all the changes:

  • Character Sheets are now available, both plain and form-fillable!
  • Added optional Attribute-related rules to the Time, Gear, Skill dynamic.
  • Added optional gear-related rules for Blocking & Dodging. These rules mean that some gear might prevent you from performing an effective dodge or a block, adding a layer of tactics.
  • A small change to Gambits: whereas before, the weapon damage was utilized, it now uses a flat d6. I didn’t like the idea of big strong weapons being ‘better’ at Gambits than small, nimble ones.
  • Converted the rules for Long Rests & Sleeping into a table for clarity.
  • Clarified and expanded the rules for learning new skills, and changed Gaining More HP to match.
  • Not new in this version, but a major rework since version 1.0:
    • Initiative has been clarified more, and includes optional weapon reach rules
    • Some small changes to the way that magic works (Fatigue etc.)
    • Bonus content added in appendices E: Finding a Trainer, F: Dueling, and G: Age & Experience

Furthermore, I’ve been working with the amazing LeCrapal on a full French translation. Once the most recent changes are translated, this version will be added as well!

What kind of stuff do you hope to see in future updates?

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