Why Venture Into The Dungeon?

As a little thought exercise, I put some thought into, “why risk your life in a (mega)dungeon?”. I tried to approach it categorically, so the first distinction I came up with was “selfless” vs. “selfish” reasons. Next, I came up with a whole bunch of sub-categories and wrote 3 options for each variation.

To use, roll d66, with one d6 giving results from 10 to 60, and the other from 1 to 6. Next, look up the results below.

Alternatively, simply use this Perchance Generator.

Selfless Motivations

Honor & Redemption

11. Traversing the dungeon would restore your clan’s honor.

12. A friend of yours perished in the dungeon, and survivors claim their death was a coward’s one. You seek the truth.

13. By completing the challenges of the dungeon, you aim to atone for a grave mistake that brought shame upon your community.

Duty & Punishment

14. A loved one was condemned to an expedition into the dungeon. You’ve taken their place.

15. Evil is seeping out of the dungeon. It is your duty to protect the world above and fight.

16. A powerful entity demands reparation for a misdeed done by your ancestors. The dungeon’s completion is the price.

Knowledge & Discovery

21. A deadly disease ravages your homeland, and ancient texts speak of a cure found within the dungeon.

22. Scholars believe an artifact in the dungeon can bring plentiful harvests and end the community’s famine.

23. There are whispers that the dungeon hides the blueprints of forgotten technology that could uplift society.

Religion & Destiny

24. A vision from your deity tasks you with retrieving a sacred relic from the dungeon’s depths.

25. Prophecies speak of a chosen one entering the dungeon to avert a looming catastrophe.

26. Pilgrims speak of a sanctified chamber within the dungeon, a place of great power, needing a guardian.

Survival & Protection

31. An encroaching threat from another realm focuses on the dungeon. You go in defense of your home.

32. Loved ones have been taken hostage, and the kidnappers demand an item from the dungeon as ransom.

33. The village’s protective barrier is waning, and the dungeon is said to house its power source.

Love & Relationships

34. Your beloved went in search of the dungeon’s wonders and has not returned. You go in search of them.

35. An old friend’s letter spoke of the dungeon’s challenges. Concerned for their safety, you follow their path.

36. Reconnecting with a lost family member hinges upon a task tied to the dungeon’s many rooms.

Selfish Motivations


41. Rumors suggest a gemstone of immense value rests in the dungeon’s heart, enough to make anyone fabulously wealthy.

42. You’ve discovered an old debt contract that promises vast lands and titles in exchange for a unique treasure from the dungeon.

43. An anonymous tip hints that the dungeon hides a pool filled with golden coins, a treasure many deem a myth.

Fame & Reputation

44. Stories of the few who’ve returned from the dungeon alive are legendary. You crave that same notoriety.

45. A group of elite adventurers often boast of their dungeon feats. You intend to outshine them.

46. A famous bard promises to immortalize in song the one who uncovers the dungeon’s deepest secrets.

Knowledge & Discovery

51. Legends state that an ancient spellbook, granting immense power, is locked away within the dungeon.

52. The dungeon is said to be the final resting place of a lost civilization. Unearthing their secrets could grant significant influence.

53. Whispers abound that deep within the dungeon lies the knowledge to manipulate time itself.

Revenge & Justice

54. A nemesis who wronged you has sought refuge in the dungeon. You’ll brave its dangers to settle the score.

55. A group of bandits who harmed your family is rumored to be using the dungeon as a hideout.

56. The mastermind behind a plot that tarnished your reputation is believed to be seeking power within the dungeon.

Survival & Protection

61. You’ve been cursed, and the only antidote is an herb found in the dungeon’s darkest corner.

62. A relentless hunter pursues you, and the dungeon’s perilous reputation makes it a good place to hide.

63. Rumors say that a fountain of youth exists within the dungeon, and you seek its rejuvenating waters.

Love & Relationships

64. A former lover claims they’ll only return to you if you bring them a specific trinket from the dungeon.

65. Winning the heart of someone you admire requires presenting them with a rare artifact said to be in the dungeon.

66. Estranged from your family, you believe that a successful dungeon expedition might earn back their respect and love.

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  1. I feel like “dungeon” in this case can be replaced pretty easily with “adventure” or “campaign”. This is a fun backstory/reason to adventure generator. LOVE that there is no “dungeon killed my parents” result 😛

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