Block, Dodge, Parry 1.3: Luck, Complex Tasks & Magical Gear

Block, Dodge, Parry has received another update! Version 1.3 contains:

  • A system to resolve Complex Tasks: for when a single roll or simply saying “you are able to do this” or “you are unable to do this” doesn’t cover it, and when time (how long does it take) becomes a factor.
  • Magical Gear that ties in a bit more to Cairn‘s core idea of ‘equipment determines ability’ – use magic without training!
  • Unarmed Attacks & Brawling for those beer-drenched backroom confrontations!
  • Luck as an optional replacement for the Die of Fate – Push your luck, or watch it run out!

I’ve also made a Discord channel, in case you’d like to share your own adventures with Block, Dodge, Parry:

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