Example Characters for Block, Dodge, Parry

Forgive the relatively low-content post, but I made some example characters to demonstrate how Block, Dodge, Parry works, and

So, a central tenet of Block, Dodge, Parry is that character concept, backstory and in-game abilities are basically the same thing, allowing you to easily translate ideas into actual PCs. So, let’s give that a try! Say, we want to play as a white-haired monster hunter:

Going purely by the options in Block, Dodge, Parry, it’d look a little something like this! But what about a wise old wandering sage, always ready to instigate epic jewelry-related quests?

I’ve always felt that Gandalf is more of a Bard (the right inspiring words at the right time) than a Wizard (pew pew fireball), so I gave him a Minstrel skill to reflect that! Now, what if we want to go a bit more… barbarian?

All drawings by me, copyrighted, 1.000 hours in MS Paint, do not steal. To conclude, let’s do a would-be king/adventurous hiker/probably-smelly dreamboat…

And there we go! And yes, these sheets are basically straight-up usable as NPCs (PCs would require a bit more space for notes and such, good thing there’s a character sheet coming out soon). What kind of character would you like to see me interpret for Block, Dodge, Parry?

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