Locked & Loaded: More Firearms for Modern Into The Odd & Similar games

I came across Cyber by Oskar Świda recently, a really neat cyberpunk version of Cairn. Since I’ve been playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 recently, and since I already made some firearms rules in the past and since I already made some new weapon tags for fantasy Into The Odd/Electric Bastionland/Cairn, I figured I’d combine them to create some more firearms!

Image credit: Cyberpunk Guns by Eddie Mendoza

Ammo Types

In my previous post, I described the Reload action: rolling max damage on a weapon means the weapon is empty, and that you need to take an Action to reload. I think I’d keep regular ammunition ‘unlimited’: we’re assuming you always have enough bullets at hand for the current situation, you just need to reload.

I would like to add some special ammunition types, which would require tracking. When you ‘consume’ one of these, the effect remains active until you need to reload again.

Armor Piercing Rounds. Ignores 1 armor.

Hollow Point Rounds. Deals +1 damage against targets without armor.

Weapon Tags

This is a remix/reflavoring of the Weapon Tags in my previous post:

  • Brutal X: CRITICAL DAMAGE resulting from a DAMAGE roll of X or more from this weapon is an instant kill, and forces a morale SAVE on the enemy.
    • I’d use this for high-caliber automatic weapons, such as the machine gun.
  • Shock X: Damage rolls of X or higher trigger a STR Save – on a failure, the target loses its next turn.
    • I’d interpret this as ‘being blown off your feet’ – such as with shotguns and sniper rifles.
  • Bleed X: On a damage roll of X or higher, the target takes an additional 1d4 STR damage at the start of their next turn.
    • Homing flechettes and similar weapons.
  • Fire X: On a damage roll of X or higher, the target is set on fire. They take 1d4 STR damage at the start of their next turn. Rolling a 1 on the 1d4 or taking an Action to extinguish yourself ends the effect.
    • A Dragon’s Breath shotgun, or a flamethrower.

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