Mass Combat Expansion: Casualties

📖 This post is an expansion on my previous post.

Read Mass Combat: Expanding the Army Rating system from Barbarians of Lemuria for the full context!

Image credit: Casualty of War by Camille Sule

I’ve added a casualty calculator to my original worksheet.

This means you can work rising casualties into your calculation!

In this case, I’d define casualties as anyone unable or unwilling to fight, meaning those killed, injured, and fled.

This is what the new tab looks like:

Let’s take a closer look:

  • Current Troops is retrieved from the main calculator.
  • Outcome of roll is for you to fill in: the final result of this round’s roll, including modifiers!
  • New Troops shows troops adjusted for casualties.
  • Difference shows the absolute losses.
  • That’s… allows you to easily see the unit sizes, so you can more easily subtract (more below).
  • Options allow you to configure the values.
    • By default, I’d say that fighting involves a base loss, even for the winning side. You can adjust this based on certain situations:
    • In a siege, the defender might lose up to a maximum of 2%, the attacker a maximum of 10%.
    • In a pitched battle, the ranges might be closer to 5% / 20%.
    • In an ambush, the ranges might be 10% / 50%.

An Example

The base troops were as follows for the above example:

Each unit consists of 4 of the type above. So:

  • Side A loses 5 platoons, and has 5 platoons – perfect!
  • Side B loses ~3 squads.

This way, we keep a sense of the units lost instead of just subtracting troops. We are quite close to the 1147 and 1051 from the Casualty Calculator.

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